TripAdvisor is returning to the UK with a new TV campaign aimed at making sure its customers know it is more than just a review site.

The new ad, which airs from today (20 June) sees TripAdvisor use its owl logo as a spokesperson to explain how the company can be used to search, compare and find the lowest price on hotels.

Though the company has had this functionality for a while, it says many people are still not aware of it and use the site merely for reviews. The owl uses the tagline ‘trust this bird’s words’ in the ad to reassure customers of the feature.

Ahead of its latest move Marketing Week caught up with Barbara Messing, TripAdvisor’s CMO, to look at the brand’s transition, its latest campaign and changes to its marketing department.

What is the goal of this campaign?

The campaign’s aim is to raise awareness of what we do. As you know we are a well known brand but we’re not known well. We are known as a place to plan and research trips, not for our ability to book trips. The challenge is because we are so well known for those attributes people only go to the site for those particular reasons.

The goal with this campaign is to use our owl spokesmodel to show how many things you can do on TripAdvisor to help you do your trip. This starts with the price comparison tool, because all travellers want to make sure they are getting the best price.

We are looking to see a lift in native awareness and people’s understanding of us as a brand and as a brand to come to when they want to book. TripAdvisor is not only a place to plan but a place to find the lowest price when the customer is ready to book.

How will the campaign be rolled out?

The campaign will primarily be focused on television though you will see elements of the campaign through other channels including digital and social.

We will use the owl, which has been our logo since 2000, to convey our message. Using such a beloved aspect of our brand is a great way of making sure the brand is identified quickly through the advert.

Do people still use TripAdvisor just to write about a bad experience?

Our average review rating is 4.2 of of 5 and we find people are much more likely to talk about positive things. Overall the lovers seem to be much stronger than the haters and they understand that every property has a bad…