Whole Foods
Justin Sullivan/Getty

Amazon just bought Whole Foods and sent shares of its grocery competitors off the cliff.

Now that Whole Foods is looking like it will be part of a larger corporation, short term profitability is less of a concern, according to Michael Lasser, an analyst at UBS. This will free the grocer to invest more heavily into increasing same-store sales, a weakness for the company in recent earnings reports. Amazon could help the store cut prices, which is bad news for its competitors.

What does this mean for the future of your local grocery store? If you are to believe Lasser, it depends entirely on the business model of your grocer.

Amazon’s shares were climbing based on the news Friday. The stock is up nearly 3.5% in midday trading Friday and 32.4% this year.

Both stocks were hit hard in the wake of the announcement. But the chains serve entirely different markets to Whole Foods, which means that while the stocks are down temporarily, the companies will probably survive, Lasser said.

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