By Chloe Rigby

Dune London has introduced user-generated content (UGC) to its product pages in order to inspire customers as they browse the website – and says the new feature has helped lift sales significantly.

Dune previously featured some UGC in the form of customer product reviews. But in the two weeks after customer and blogger content from Instagram was brought onto product detail pages, sales in which shoppers interacted with UGC rose by 82%.

The new UGC feature from Curalate helps shoppers to visualise shoes and accessories in real life settings – and then to click through to buy them.

“Our customers respond very well to UGC – being able to see others wearing our products gives them extra confidence to purchase,” said Mark Blenkinsop, digital marketing manager at Dune London [IRDX RDNE]. “This is the latest step in a wider strategy to leverage these images as well as our own beautiful lifestyle content across the…