There’s been a whole host of brands experimenting with chat bots over recent months and Wimbledon is the latest addition.

Last year, Wimbledon says it grew its mobile users threefold, with visitors and viewers now increasingly choosing to watch matches and highlights through its mobile app. The Wimbledon app, meanwhile, was downloaded an additional 1.5 million times in 2016 as 21m unique devices accessed Wimbledon highlights (up from 21.1m in 2015) and its social media videos were viewed 106m times (up from 85m in 2015).

While the dotcom to app audience split is still 93% to 7%, Wimbledon is increasingly seeing its audience move to mobile. Subsequently, it will be introducing AI assistant Fred, which is powered by IBM Watson technology, as an option within its official app for this year’s tournament.

Fred, named after legendary British tennis player Fred Perry, will work by allowing visitors on site to ask it questions such as directions and where restaurants are. And Alexandra Willis, head of communications, content & digital at the All English Lawn Tennis Club, says the plan is to expand the AI assistant over the coming years so it can answer questions such as the history of players or whether it’s going to rain with a level of intuition similar to something like Siri.

Wimbledon will also begin using AI to dictate the highlights it puts onto its app and pushes out on social media channels, with a new AI system from IBM Research designed to auto-curate highlights based on an analysis of…