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19 Activities That Will Wake Up Your Social Media Followers (And Lead Them to Your Store)

17 Activities That Will Wake Up Your Social Media Followers (And Lead Them to Your Store)

Get ready for a little game. The game can make you money, because you play it with your customers.

If this gets a skeptical smile on your face, have a look at the portrait of a typical gamer:

Do you recognize your target audience?

People of all ages and jobs love to play games. This post explains how to add some Las Vegas spirit to your social media marketing to generate clicks and sales.

Active social media audiences can be divided into four psychological types:

Types of social media audiences

You can define the psychological type of your audience by looking closer at your customer persona. Below, we review every type and the activities that engage them the most.

The Curious

These are previous “A” students and diligent learners. They love to get new knowledge, solve complex problems, and show off the progress on their timeline.

People of this type are unlikely to engage with giveaways. The best lure for them is intellectual games. The curious would check their answers 100 times before sharing them. That gives us the clue to attracting them to your store.

Publish a piece of content on your website (company’s history, a set of lifehacks, an interview with the founders and staff, a trends overview, a customer story, product test drives, and reviews). On your social media, hint that the correct answer for your contest activity can be found in the content. Clicks guaranteed!

If your website is really engaging, people of this psycho type won’t stop on one page only but will proceed to your product catalog. Hence the name, the curious.

Here are some of the games and contests the curious can’t resist to take part in.

Speaking Numbers

It’s likely that, since the launch of your business, you have stored a lot of milestone trophies that you would like to share with your customers.

That might be the launch date, the number of cups of coffee you’ve had working on your new collection, the number of visitors in your online store since opening, etc. The more lively those facts are, the more interesting it’ll be for your customers to guess them.

Put your numbers on a picture. The task is to match the numbers and what stands for them. Be sure to have the answers on your website.

Blog Preview

Don’t share the whole piece of content on social media. Show your main point, and let the curious discover the rest by their own.

Where to Buy/How to Order

It’s possible to play with less exciting, but important content as well. Ask your followers to count your points of sale, to create a route from any place in the city to your store, or to count all the possible options for placing an order. This way, you not only attract an audience to your online store, but you also bring them a step closer to the purchase.


If your store has a wide product range or sells seasonal products, you can safely create different puzzles using product images. Such addictive tasks always provoke a lot of discussions among “A” students and those who guessed to find the correct answer on your website (for example, you could share the link to your “special offers” page and encrypt real prices in your puzzle).


Don’t be afraid to ask questions, but don’t ask questions only on your product or company history. Pay attention to related upcoming holidays, events, fields of knowledge, memes — this will awaken your activity and increase engagement.

The Experts

These guys clearly know what they want and do not need extra proof that they…