“5 things you MUST know about EBiz Wholesale Sources”, Day 1:


If you’re selling products online, you need products to sell. That means you need wholesale sources of products to sell. If you’re going to make any MONEY selling products online, you need products you can sell at a PROFIT. That means you need wholesale sources that are REAL, and actually leave you a Profit Margin between their wholesale price, and the price you can reasonably charge at retail online. That’s like saying 2 + 2 = 4. Makes perfect sense, doesn’t it?

Unfortunately, in the world of EBiz Wholesale Sourcing, 2 + 2 most often = 0. Meaning 0 Profit Margin for YOU. Well, that doesn’t work, does it?

So WHY does this happen?

A Wholesale Product Source Directory/Service is the best, fastest way to locate wholesalers you can buy products from to sell at a profit. Unfortunately, there are a HUGE number of thieves and liars who constantly hype FAKE Wholesale Directories and Services. We call them Marketing Sharks, or Markesharks for short. The Markesharks create fake wholesale directories in 2 ways:

  1. Simply by going to Google and searching the word “wholesale”. Whatever comes back gets thrown into that fake directory.
  2. Purposely stacking that Directory with fake wholesalers who are simply made up (fictitious, imaginary, NOT real), and lead to sites designed to collect your personal (and yes, including your CREDIT CARD) information while PRETENDING to be a real wholesaler.

The word “Directory” implies something that contains information DIRECTING you to the information you need. In fact, Google (in it’s infinite Googly wisdom) defines “Directory” as “A book listing individuals or organizations alphabetically or thematically with details such as names, addresses, and telephone numbers.”

Of course, the word “book” is a little outdated at this point; Directories are much more often electronically delivered these days.

So, for example, the Phone Book (in print or online) is a Directory. The VERY FIRST “phone book” was created in New Haven, Connecticut in 1878 and listed 50 people, businesses and offices that actually had telephones. Of course it wasn’t really a book, it was just a piece of cardboard, but you get the idea.

The Phone Book is a bit more involved these days…a few more people have phones now.

So we often depend on either print or online versions of Phone Books to find phone numbers of people, businesses and many other places we need to call.

What if the Phone Book was FAKE? What if EVERY TIME you called a phone number from that Phone Book, you were connected to some person or recorded message that said “Hey, today’s your lucky day! You’ve just won a cruise around the world for free! (Just pay applicable taxes, fees, boarding charges, room charges and food add-on’s!)”, or “Thank you for calling. Because you called, your Phone Bill has automatically been charged $500,000 to help feed starving badgers in the Egyptian Desert”.

Or the ever-popular “You’re looking for Dave? Dave’s not here, man. But if you give me your name, address, Social Security number and bank account number, I’ll be sure to tell him you called.”

It would be HORRIFYING if most of the numbers in the Phone Book led directly to scams designed to cheat you out of your money. So why aren’t more people horrified that it actually DOES happen with almost every Home-based EBiz Wholesale Directory on the internet??

Look, this kind of thing doesn’t happen in the Phone Book because reputable Phone Companies are constantly researching, reviewing and updating the information in that Phone Book. Phone companies are LEGITIMATE. They’re not in business to cheat their customers or lead them into schemes that cost more and more money every time they turn around.

But the Markesharks ARE in that business. They DO purposely lead you into those schemes. IT’S WHAT THEY DO FOR A LIVING. And fake Online Wholesale Directories are one of their FAVORITE places to live!

WHY do they do this? Simple. They make lots of money. They like that. YOU don’t make any money, but why should they care about that? They’re Markesharks, and they think they’re smarter than you are. (Not true…but they DO actually think that).


Well, to paraphrase Sonnet 43 by Elizabeth Barrett Browning (and certainly no disrespect to her or…