Want to run successful Facebook campaigns that bring in the sales? Of course you do! The key to running the perfect ad is optimization, optimization, optimization!

example of facebook ad

Optimization doesn’t have to be a full time job – in this week’s post we look at those quick Facebook optimization hacks that will help lower your CPCs and increase your CTRs while sticking to your ad budget. Time is money so let’s jump in!

1. Automate Your Optimization

Facebook Ads’ automation rules are the perfect way to stay on top of your Facebook advertising optimization. These rules allow you to adjust bids and budgets, send yourself notifications and pause campaigns and ads, all based on certain rule conditions that you set yourself. As any eCommerce entrepreneur will tell you, any admin automation hack that saves you time and money is a big gift.

Here’s how you can set up your Facebook ad conditions:

Select one (or more) of your ad sets, campaigns or ads and click the edit button and ‘create rule’.

Facebook Conditions

Here you can do things like turn off campaigns when spend gets to a certain amount or if your frequency is too high, or set up automatic overviews to be sent to your inbox when automation changes.

how to set up Facebook ad condition rules
setting up automatic rules for facebook ads

2. Take Advantage of FTO

Campaigns can take their sweet time to take off, which means you need to wait for those results to start coming in to get the results you need to optimize. Not to be confused with Facebook’s Accelerated Delivery option, the FTO (fast take off) method is a way the experts use to expedite the process. Here’s how: Launch a new campaign using a higher budget (lifetime or daily) than your planned amount and wait for your impressions to reach 10k. You will then have enough data to tweak, and then adjust your bids to match your planned budgets. Unlike Accelerated Delivery, this will ensure you are not just pushing your ads out faster, but getting quality results.

Pro Tip:

Facebook campaigns need between 24-48 hours to adjust to major changes. So wait a minimum of 24 hours before adjusting any campaign.

3. Double Results with Split Testing

Split testing is an ideal way to ensure the campaign you run with is highly successful from the start. The general rule is that you will want to start with a variety of image, description and caption variations for the same target audience. Using smaller budgets, you can launch all your ads and assess which ad you should pause based on its performance. Creating ads…