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9 Category Features that Boost Conversions


If you put a great deal of focus on social media, organic search, and online advertising for incoming traffic, there’s a good chance you’re not putting enough effort into a key gateway to products: the category page.

While ecommerce continues to grow and evolve, let’s not miss the mark by serving up cookie-cutter pages of products. There is much to be done on the category page. Here are nine features that can help boost conversions by using the shopper’s time efficiently.

9 Key Category Features

Educate with headers. Lately, the norm is simple is best. But that doesn’t mean ditching category descriptors altogether, especially for products that don’t necessarily speak for themselves.

Vitamin World categories lack headers, which are necessary for newbies and those needing to know how they'll benefit by using certain products.
What exactly are the benefits of ginseng? Vitamin World could convert more if it used category headers to educate its target audiences.

You can also use category headers to quickly display subcategories and related sections.

MISSGUIDED uses the category header to tell a compelling story and boost SEO, as well as to display subcategories.
Use headers to tell stories, assist with search engine optimization, and display subcategories, such as in this example from Missguided.com, a women’s clothing retailer.

Show featured subcategories. By featured, I’m referring to groups of products based on the most sought-after types, brands, uses, and price range. This is different than automatically displaying all nested categories, which may clutter the page or, sometimes, miss targeting your intended audience.

JC Penney shows featured categories instead of all subcategories.
Show featured subcategories, such as brands, that are relevant to your target audience.

Source: J.C. Penney.

Let them shop by color. Color is a primary factor in the purchase of many types of products. Displaying color filters on search and category pages helps customers find what they want more quickly. Take it a step further by using colored blocks to select the right range of colors. Since devices and monitors display colors differently, include the color or color range name beneath the block. This is useful for those with vision impairments, too.

Missguided uses color blocks to show color selections.
Missguided.com uses…