old spice
Terry Crews stars in a fun new Old Spice ad.

YouTube/Old Spice

Growing up in the US, you learn quickly that Crest toothpaste promises superior whitening, and Old Spice will make you smell like a real man.

But if a new startup–Brandless–which promises to create a “Procter & Gamble for millennials“–catches on, it could wreak havoc on the marketing industry, and TV advertising in particularly.

For decades, marketing giants like P&G and Johnson and Johnson and General Mills have churned out every type of soap and shampoo and razor and cleanser imaginable. And to get people to buy these particular items over the thousands of others in the market, they needed to tell stories.

They did that through packaging and characters like Tony the Tiger and Mr. Clean. And they did that through TV ads.

Indeed, even as TV ratings plummet, these so called “CPGs” or consumer packaged goods companies, have helped keep the TV ad market…