Tech jobs are moving out of Silicon Valley and into other cities. Time

Your next software job could be in retail, says a new study published Wednesday by Glassdoor.

The website used to hire employees and find jobs reviewed information from job postings on its website from the last five years to see what industries and cities are offering the most software-related jobs. Each industry and city had to have over 100 job postings with “software” in the title to be considered in the study.

It found the retail industry gained the most in share of software job postings, increasing 7.5 percentage points since 2012 to 13.9% this year. Glassdoor attributes the rise of software-related jobs to the online retail trend driven by Amazon and Walmart.

Banking and financial services came in second, gaining 2 percentage points on the need for software engineers and developers in online payments, electronic trading and mobile banking apps. The manufacturing industry’s growth in share of software job postings was third, gaining 1.7 percentage points.

“As the beleaguered U.S. manufacturing sector has struggled, employers have made a push to become leaner and more technologically savvy, requiring a ramp-up of tech hiring,” says the study.

Other industries have declined in the relative portion of software-related jobs they post, including the computer software and hardware industry. Its share of software…