Asos has admitted that while it relies heavily on social media to communicate with and market to its millions of customers, its relationship with sites such as Facebook and Instagram is not always straightforward.

Speaking on a results call yesterday (13 July) following Asos’s third quarter results, CEO Nick Beighton said: “[Going forward] we don’t know whether [social media] will be a drag or an enabler. But certainly with potential buy buttons coming through social media, they are actually attempting to capture the customer journey; that’s a potential threat but also an enabler.”

Beighton added that there is not a “binary answer” as to whether social media would continue to have a positive impact on the company. Asos has more than 20 million followers on social media on “every conceivable channel” because Beighton believes it is important to be wherever its customers are.

And despite concerns about the threat it could pose, Asos plans to migrate more of its marketing effort from email to social.

“Email is still a very…