By Paul Skeldon

Attitudes towards owning and using a smartphone varies significantly among the over 50s, according to a new report from online smartphone retailer,

The research, which polled 1,518 UK residents aged 50 or over, looked into mobile phone ownership statistics, favoured smartphone features, and manufacturer brand loyalty.

With smartphone ownership figures at a record high of 93%, it is evident that opt in from older generations is ever increasing. However, the research highlighted that while nearly two thirds (63%) of Britons aged 50-65 are confident using their mobile phone, and nearly half (48%) will upgrade their handset at least every two years; 64% of those aged 70 or over still find their smartphone confusing, and more than a fifth (22%) only have one because they feel they should.

‘I use my smartphone every day’:

  • 50-55 (57%)
  • 56-50 (55%)
  • 61-65 (47%)
  • 66-70 (44%)
  • 71-75 (33%)
  • 76-80 (28%)
  • 80+ (20%)

The research revealed that interest in owning and using a smartphone drops off around the age of 70.

When selecting a new smartphone, more than a quarter (26%) of those aged 50-55 will choose a model with the latest features, and 82% will rely on their own knowledge or research to make a selection – just 18% of those aged 50-55 ask colleagues, children or relatives to help…