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Chloe the Mini Frenchie in an ad for Urban Decay

Chloe The Mini Frenchie

Wearing a white bathrobe, Chloe is comfortably sprawled on a grey fur blanket. She looks intently at the camera, while a silver tray full of Urban Decay cosmetics lies at her feet.

Sounds like your regular beauty influencer featuring a paying advertiser in a post on Instagram? Chloe is anything but. She is a mini frenchie – merely one of the many rising stars in the world of social pet influencers.

And increasingly, these four-legged furballs are becoming the latest faces of beauty brands, touting their products and headlining some of their biggest digital campaigns.

Urban Decay, The Body Shop, Too Faced, Nyx, Smashbox and Lush Cosmetics are among the beauty brands that have recently chosen to hire dogs and other pets as their brand ambassadors, specifically on Instagram. There has been an uptick in the number of beauty and fashion brands inquiring to partner with pets in recent months, confirmed Loni Edwards, managing partner at The Dog Agency, an influencer agency that specializes in matching brands with pet influencers.

Wait, there are pet influencers? Yes, due to the rise of the visual web and platforms like Facebook and Instagram, marketers have had a growing interest in hiring social media personalities to hawk their products in recent years.

While these influencers were initially humans, over the past few years people have also taken to following famous dogs, cats and other animals on Instagram and other social networks. Some, like the collective account DogsofInstagram, boasts over 4 million followers. And brands, including Mercedes Benz and Budweiser, have enlisted such pet influencers for ad campaigns.

Marketers either feature photos with these pets on their feeds, or get shout outs from the pets on their personal accounts. And they aren’t just aligning with these pet stars to rack up the likes.

The brands are also…