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For years, Best Buy’s Geek Squad has offered to enter customers’ homes to install, troubleshoot, or teach people about their new electronic devices. With the rising popularity of the connected home, such a service seems all the more useful. Not one to be left on the sidelines, Amazon is getting into the installation and education business when it comes to their own connected home devices, setting up a house-call showdown of sorts between the e-commerce giant and the brick-and-mortar electronics retailer.

Recode reports that Amazon is quietly stepping on the Best Buy Geek Squad turf, launching a service that sends employees to customers’ homes to install and educate them on the company’s Alexa smart-home devices.

Going Into Your Home

So far, the service, which shouldn’t be confused with Amazon’s marketplace for third-party home services, has rolled out in seven markets, including Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, San Diego, Los Angeles, San Jose, and Orange County, CA.

The service, which can be booked for a fee directly on Amazon, involves an Amazon device expert stopping by a customer’s home to connect and educate the residents on not only how to work each “smart home” device, but how each device works with the rest of the lineup.

Recode reports that the fee for the installation and education service ranges depending on the product. For instance, installation for a Ecobee44 Alexa-enabled smart thermostat currently costs $99. However, some services are discounted or may cost more if multiple devices are involved.

For those who are just looking to have some of their questions about their voice-assistant, Alexa, answered, Recode…