Alfred Angelo filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy after closing dozens of its stories, leaving brides and bridesmaids struggling to get dresses they’ve paid for. This file photo shows dresses from the company’s 2010 season.

Days after dozens of Alfred Angelo Bridal stores closed with little or no warning, brides and their loved ones have been struggling to track down dresses they’ve paid for — and making contingency plans if they can’t find them.

Alfred Angelo reportedly closed all of its 61 bridal stores at the end of business Thursday night as part of its plan to file for bankruptcy, infuriating customers and leaving employees in the lurch. The lawyer handling the case says she has received more than 7,000 emails about it.

To help those who might not get their dresses, some former brides are now offering up dresses for free — and member station KPCC in Southern California is using the #dressmatchmaker hashtag to orchestrate dress exchanges.

KPCC reports from the scene of the West Covina location:

“[Employees] would not speak to reporters, but told a group of worried customers to contact the law firm listed on the door and that the company had not paid them for work this week.

“Local brides and bridesmaids milled in front of the store for hours, each one peering nervously through the windows and knocking on the glass. Many said their dresses were inside the store and already paid for. No information was available on whether dresses would be shipped to customers or if refunds would be given out.”

In the face of a desperate need for information, there’s been no mention of the closings on the Alfred Angelo website or social media accounts. Its “customer care” account hasn’t tweeted since July 5.

The Miami bankruptcy lawyer who’s handling the case for Alfred Angelo is Patricia Ann Redmond; she told…