Chipotle Test Kitchen 4
Hollis Johnson

Last week news broke that Chipotle had closed a restaurant in Sterling, Virginia, following multiple reports of customers getting sick after eating there. The news caused Chipotle’s stock to fall.

While food-poisoning expert Bill Marler told Business Insider that it seemed the chain was likely just unlucky, some employees are saying that a lax sick-leave policy that forces workers to prepare food while “dripping snot” or feeling ready to vomit is to blame.

Two Chipotle employees told CNBC that they had been forced by managers to work while ill. Norovirus, the disease that has been linked to Chipotle’s most recent food poisoning outbreak, is often spread by an infected person handling food.

“Two weeks ago [I] came to work, felt like I was going to puke, just felt awful,” one worker told CNBC via email. “One of my managers told me if I…