Chipotle Test Kitchen 2
Chipotle just started testing a new queso dip.

Hollis Johnson

CMG Chipotle Mexican

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Chipotle is ramping up its investment in new menu items.

The burrito chain just started testing a queso dip, a spring mix salad with an avocado citrus dressing, and frozen margaritas at a new test kitchen in New York that opened to the public this week.

The queso in particular got tons of buzz this week, since Chipotle has said in the past that it would never serve cheese dip. In fact, prior to 2014, the company had left its menu virtually unchanged for two decades.

Chipotle’s new commitment to menu changes could draw new customers, but it could also be a sign of “desperation,” according to Barclays analyst Jeffrey Bernstein.

“These offerings may be an indication of…