By Paul Skeldon

Nearly 60% of UK organisations believe that real-time customer engagement can deliver a 10 to 40% increase in revenue – yet most are failing to harness customer data to full effect.

According to The Age of Now report launched by SAS, brands are collecting less than a third of relevant personal data on their customers, while only 25% of that data set is being used in segmentation for real-time customer engagement. The report revealed a stark difference between understanding of customer identity and being able to use the information available to drive customer intimacy in real time.

The report revealed that only 16% of UK organisations can adjust their marketing communication in real-time based on customer behaviour, 17% in a few hours, and 25% within a day. Worryingly, only a quarter can halt or retract communications in reaction to unexpected socio-political events, and just a third claim to be able to switch communication channels in response to customer behaviour or external events. Moreover, 60% of UK organisations said they are unable to communicate with customers via multiple channels in an integrated manner.

Tiffany Carpenter, Head of Customer Intelligence at SAS UK & Ireland, explains: “The Age of…