‘Disturbingly Slow’ Site Performance Still Plagues Retailers

Industry best practices dictate that web pages should load within 3 seconds, but it takes the average retail page 9.5 seconds on mobile and 16.6 seconds on desktop to load completely, according to a survey from Retail Systems Research (RSR).

The study, sponsored by cloud platform Yottaa, Inc., evaluated and ranked 80 of the Internet Retailer Top 500 online merchants on their web performance and online shopper experience. The survey concluded that e-Commerce site performance overall is “disturbingly slow” and that retailers have a lot of room for improvement.

The number one ranked retailer in the study, Express Inc., earned a grade of only “D+”, receiving 59.5 out of a possible 86 points in measurements of desktop performance, mobile performance and shopper experience. The brand also boasted the highest shopper experience score (24.5 out of 29 points).

To evaluate each brand, RSR measured the ease of finding a product and noted what ancillary tools, such as product reviews, recommendations and chat features, were provided to make…