George Osborne has warned the ad industry that it must not be afraid to make its voice heard in Government during the Brexit negotiations or risk losing out as the issues of more vocal industries rise to the top of the agenda.

Speaking at an Ad Association event last night (11 July), the former Chancellor who is now editor of the Evening Standard, said there is “no shame” in speaking out because other industries such as finance, farming and car manufacturing will be “at the table making sure their concerns are properly understood and taken into consideration”.

“Advertising is an incredibly important industry and you shouldn’t be sky about making your voice heard,” he said. “There is no shame in that, there is nothing wrong with making sure that alongside other industries in our country like finance, agriculture or car manufacturing, or other parts of the creative sector like TV and film production, the ad industry makes its voice heard.

“[Advertising] is a very big and important industry and the association and its members have a job to do to make sure that its needs and interests are understood.”

The Ad Association has done some big research in recent years into the…