By Paul Skeldon

Gloucester has taken its next step in ‘digital high street’ innovation by offering visitors and tourists the same offers and promotions available to residents on its GL Card, when visiting the historic city.

Currently the GL Card, which launched in early April, gives Gloucester’s residents the ability to obtain exclusive offers from over 100 of the city’s businesses, when using their cards at eight voucher-printing ‘Touchpoint’ kiosks. More than 3,500 vouchers have been created at the Touchpoints since the card’s launch, with redemption rates for vouchers being printed at between 60 and 70%.

Now, thanks to Marketing Gloucester and technology partner, Rewarding Visits, the Text-a-Card innovation will make it possible for visitors and tourists to access the same offers and promotions.

The digital card and code, on a mobile phone, will give visitors temporary access to discounts at some of the city’s most popular retailers, cafes, restaurants, leisure attractions and even bus and taxi travel.

Text-a-Card is a trial feature for the summer, as Gloucester establishes itself as one of the UK’s smartest…