McDonald’s partnered with UberEats to roll out delivery in the US.

Spencer Platt/Getty

McDonald’s is ramping up its delivery game — and making some surprising discoveries.

On Wednesday, McDonald’s announced that delivery is now available at more than 7,800 restaurants in 47 countries and six continents. While the fast-food chain only started offering delivery in the US through an UberEats partnership in January, the service is now available at more than 25% of US locations.

“We’re learning so much so quickly,” McDonald’s CEO Steve Easterbrook told Business Insider.

In some ways, McDonald’s delivery orders are very different from traditional trips to the fast-food chain.

Checks are significantly higher — on average customers pay one-and-a-half to two times as much — because people tend to order delivery for groups. The scenery has certainly changed, with Easterbrook saying UberEats has delivered…