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    Casper’s “Staycation Story Hacks” Casper

    The mattress startup Casper is letting people send out ‘fake’ summer vacation photos

  • The upstart brand also has a publication dedicated to sleep content
  • Sales are increasing in a once-sleepy category thanks to social media and cool events

Getting bouts of FOMO looking at all your friends’ various vacation pictures? Mattress startup Casper has got you covered.

The mattress maker’s latest advertising effort is designed to let people trick their friends into thinking that they’re on vacation from the comfort of their beds.

Staycation Story Hacks” is a Casper-owned website featuring photos and videos of a series of typical summer scenes, like jet skiing and a pool party, which users can share on their Instagram or Snapchat Stories.

The brand’s whimsical summer “hack” is hardly a one-off. Three years since its launch, Casper has managed to not only disrupt the mattress business, but also advertising, thanks to its clever mix of tech, design, content and ingenuous digital hacks to make sleep worth talking about. It has also earned itself the tag of an innovative brand, with people calling it everything from the Nike to the Warby Parker of mattresses.

“We knew when we started that we were up against a big oligarchy, with all the massive corporations–pardon the pun– in bed together,” Lindsay Kaplan, Casper’s VP of communications and brand engagement, told Business Insider. “Our strategy from the start has been on changing perceptions about mattress shopping and creating a community around sleep in a playful and creative way, with a genuine voice.”

In other words, the company has been hard at work trying to convince consumers that sleep is a pursuit as worthy as exercise or eating. And that means a diversified yet integrated marketing strategy, focusing on everything from traditional out-of-home advertising to digital and social media efforts.

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When it launched in 2104, Casper relied heavily on word-of-mouth marketing, with a huge outdoor effort that plastered a colorful cast of characters across billboards, subway cars and taxis across the country to demonstrate the need for a perfect mattress. But over time, it has shifted to a more digital focus.

The brand declined to disclose numbers, but the bulk of Casper’s marketing budget is now digital, according to Kaplan. The company has a marketing team of 25 and a dedicated social team of three people, who post organic content as well buy digital ads. Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are the most important digital platforms for the brand, according to Kaplan.

Casper’s social team frequently engages with consumers on these…