Amazon Fashion
Sure, Amazon sells dresses, sunglasses, and purses — but it mostly just sells socks.

Facebook/Amazon Fashion

Amazon is a clothing powerhouse — just not the way you might imagine.

Though the company is hoping to become the go-to shop for everything high fashion, it mostly sells practical, unglamorous items like work pants and socks.

Men’s and women’s undergarments, including socks, accounting for a total of $415 million in sales, were two out of five of Amazon’s top-selling apparel categories last year, according to a report by One Click Retail.

Rounding out the top five: men’s work clothes, women’s denim, and the largest, men’s pants and shorts.

The top five individual apparel items sold on Amazon last year were also all either pants or socks, according to the report.

What do most of these categories have in common? They aren’t the kind of item you need to try on before you buy them. Socks are one-size-fits-all, underwear is lettered sizes, and in pants, denim,…