In his new book: Makeover: How Mobile Flipped The Shopping Cart (And What To Do About It!), NewStore Founder and CEO Stephan Schambach shares how the proliferation of mobile is changing retail as we know it — and how retailers must build a road map for mobile success via technology, data, loyalty programs and the brand itself.

The RTP team shares their takes on various chapters in the book — including those focused on loyalty, associates, the store, technology and consumers — to see how Schambach’s ideas relate to a number of current retail trends.

Debbie Hauss, Editor-in-Chief:Chapter 4: The Loyalty Relationship Makeover

Schambach hits the nail on the head when he talks about traditional loyalty programs vs. Loyalty 2.0. Traditional programs, while still valuable, happen outside the actual shopping experience. Loyalty 2.0 needs to take place during the shopping experience. New loyalty tactics should focus on strengthening the long-term customer relationship with the brand vs. simply offering points or discounts. That means recognizing shoppers’ desire for experiences and community. For example, offer shoppers an invite to an exclusive VIP event or the opportunity to weigh in on a product currently in development. As Schambach states, “Why settle for loyalty when you can have love?” Retailers are attaining this “love” in large part through advances in mobile technology. Via mobile, brands can communicate with customers at any time and place that is relevant for cultivating the long-term love.

Adam Blair, Executive Editor: Chapter 3: The Associate Relationship Makeover

Like most first-worlders, I go through severe withdrawal symptoms when more than 10 feet separates me from my smartphone. You will only be able to pry my phone (and my cup of coffee) out of my cold, dead hands. So it seems remarkable that retailers still need convincing about the value of letting their store associates carry mobile devices, but apparently they do. This chapter asks, “What would you think of a modern retailer that lacked a web site? You would rightly conclude that store was behind the times and not actively courting your business. Soon, that will be the reputation of retailers without mobile-enabled store associates.” I like that author Stephan Schambach notes that a positive stance on mobile enablement is now a powerful recruiting tool for associates, and also that he recommends retailers…