Through a special arrangement, presented here for discussion is a summary of a current article from the Mark Heckman Consulting blog.

For the past decade or more, supermarkets and their brand partners have frantically worked to devise new incentives to lure the shopper from their current behavior of remaining on the perimeter to venture down the long and arduous aisles of center store. But any transformation of the center store has to begin with an honest assessment of the factors that diminish the area’s relevance.

From the shopper’s view, negative issues include:

  • Configuration: Shoppers become visually overwhelmed looking down the long aisles;
  • Item Count: Too many SKUs makes it difficult to find items;
  • Visual Clutter: Overuse of large signs, shelf tags and other POS materials clutter the shopper’s view;
  • Size: Too much floor space consumes shoppers’ precious time.

The entire physical concept of “center store” has become “unnatural” for consumers when compared to their experiences either online or in smaller specialty stores.

A logical…