With 500 million users, it’s fair to say Linkedin dominates the online job market. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean the ‘social network for professionals’ always benefits young workers.

A whopping 71% of Linkedin users are above the age of 35, while the average user age is 42, according to Jack Parsons, a 23-year-old entrepreneur. Subsequently, he has founded social media startup Yourfeed, which is aiming to serve as the “Linkedin for millennials”.

With 200 brand partners, including the likes of Facebook, Twitter, Google and Havas Media, the idea behind Yourfeed is to act as a bridge to showcase the skill of its younger users directly to the businesses that matter. Users can request mentorship advice from any of these 200 partners, while an algorithm is designed to only show job opportunities that match a user’s skills and interests.

The theory is that a user will only ever be presented with roles that match their skillset. “On Linkedin, all a 20-something can see advertised on their feed is creative director roles, which are completely irrelevant and above their level,” explains Parsons.

“Linkedin is ignoring young people fresh out of college or university as it’s built purely on rewarding experience. That’s a big problem because 75% of the nation’s workforce is going to be made up of millennials by 2025.”

Parsons says he was told by teachers at school to prepare for a career on a construction site, despite enjoying…