When deciding on a new ERP system choosing a Value-Added Reseller (VAR) as an installation partner is as important as selecting the software itself. In addition to installation services, VARs are specialists that often develop industry-specific programming and assist in adapting key functions of the ERP to your business. They also work with the software manufacturer to add functionality to future releases, eliminating the need for customizations.

Across industries over 50% of these major systems are not installed on time and within budget. When the ERP implementation process has problems, we often see clients fire the first VAR, contract with a second or choose, switch to an internal team or hire a contract programming firm experienced in the base system. In one case like this, an ERP implementation project original quoted at 12 months took 29 months. In another case, a nine-month project ended up taking 20 months.

From a financial perspective, the longer the implementation process, the higher the VAR’s services costs that are passed onto you.

In terms of choosing a system, our article, 9 Mistakes to Avoid in the ERP Selection Process, will assist you in that aspect of the process. As far as VARs are concerned, here are 4 key things to consider to ensure they meet your business needs:

Selecting the VAR and ERP at the Same Time

Most companies select the VAR and the ERP system at the same time. The VARs are the ones selling and demonstrating the manufacturer’s software and their services, helping you determine your business requirements and the fit for your company. Selecting the VAR and the software at the same time is difficult but one that companies have to navigate successfully.

ERPs are installed in many industry segments including manufacturing, wholesale distribution, omnichannel, brick-and-mortar retail, ecommerce and catalog sales, to name…