By Paul Skeldon

Despite a gloomy long term view of consumer confidence, supermarkets recorded growth of 5% in sales in June – spurred by sporting events and good weather.

According to research from Nielsen, shoppers spent 5.1% more on groceries during the four weeks to 15 July than during the same period in 2016 – marking the highest year-on-year increase in at least four years.

This is backed up by Summit, which finds that the heatwave led to Camping searches were up 86% in June, Nerf Guns up 41% and fishing equipment searches grew by 193%. Argos sold a staggering 92,000 fans and enough paddling pools to hold 70 million litres of water in June. Beer sales also hit a five year high.

But the figures are likely to be just a blip as the impact of Brexit continues to hit prices and the political uncertainty – not to mention poor weather in July – are all likely to see this minor growth stall.

The issue once again puts pressure on retailers to look to online technology to augment…