Audi criticised for comparing a wife to a used car in ad for China

Comparing women to any inanimate object in advertising is never a good idea, but sadly brands are still falling foul of this.

This week, car marque Audi landed itself in hot water after comparing a wife to a used car in an ad for its Chinese market.

The ad goes like this: A mother-in-law interrupts a wedding ceremony to inspect the bride, checking whether she’s up to standard. The older woman grabs the bride’s nose and ears, pinches her lower lip and peers at her teeth and tongue. The bride gets an OK, along with a warning to cover up her cleavage.

The ad looks to promote the fact that all used Audis are checked out and officially certified for resale. “An important decision must be made carefully,” the tagline says.

Naturally, the video did not go down well on social media. The ad was surprising given that Audi has made campaigns in the past that looked to tackle gender stereotypes in markets from Spain to the US. Audi has since apologised for the ad.

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Fraudulent ad traffic plummets in Australia


The volume of invalid traffic that has been detected on desktop browsers has fallen by more than one third this year, according to IAB/PwC Invalid Traffic Benchmarks.

The latest data, which PwC assesses from Comscore, IAS and Moat data, shows a decrease in invalid traffic from 3.7% of impressions between July and September 2016 to 2.4% between October 2016 and March this year.

For mobile, the drop was even more stark – from 3.8% down to 1.3%. Only 1.4% of video inventory was deemed fraudulent, the first time monitored for the first time.

Ad fraud is believed to cost the Australian market about $116m (£71m) each year, with $68m (£41.6m) wasted on fraudulent website traffic, such as bots.

The invalid traffic benchmark tracks one element that could indicate ad fraud, the amount of internet traffic that is invalid not seen by a human.

The traffic can include general invalid traffic such as bots, spiders, crawlers and other routine means of filtration, as well as sophisticated invalid traffic such as hijacked devices, ad tags or creative, malware and misappropriated content.

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