Negative reviews can play a positive role in shoppers’ buying decisions

A rave review can be the difference between a customer placing an order and abandoning their shopping basket. Some retailers believe that bad feedback can have the opposite effect – seriously damaging their reputation and costing them sales. But new research from Feefo shows that negative reviews are just as vital as positive ones.

Fake feedback fear

Consumers aren’t as trusting as they used to be, and that comes as no surprise – we live in the post-truth age, where fake news makes headlines, and trust doesn’t always come as standard. That includes fake reviews: In Feefo’s latest consumer research – ‘The Consumers’ Perspective’, three-quarters of consumers revealed they were concerned about fake reviews to at least some extent.

More than eight out of ten shoppers (81%) actively seek out negative reviews to get a balanced view of products and services, while 54% said an absence of bad reviews would lead them to suspect foul-play.

Simply ensuring that negative reviews aren’t censored can go a huge way to building consumer trust, as they can clearly see your business is open to receiving criticisms as well as praise. But how do you stop customers from being put off by negative reviews?

It’s all in the response

Replying to every single complaint is a good start, but with potential buyers reading negative reviews, and evaluating how you respond, you must ensure that anyone who reads your answers has their concerns alleviated.

Ignoring negative reviews is a big no-no. Customers…