Next Stop For Amazon? Meal Kit Segment

As if Amazon didn’t already have its hand in enough retail and technology offerings, the e-Commerce giant is adding home-delivery meal kits to its growing grocery service. The company filed a trademark application on July 6 for “prepared food kits” and for the slogan “We do the prep. You be the chef.”

Amazon already is selling home-delivery meals to select U.S. Prime members through the AmazonFresh grocery delivery service. For users able to participate in the trial, there are approximately 17 different meals offered, ranging in price from $14.99 to $18.99. Previously, Amazon has offered meal kits through partnerships with Tyson Foods and Martha Stewart, but only recently introduced its own branded trials in June, according to customer reviews on the site.

The meal kit delivery space generates $5 billion in sales, giving Amazon plenty of competition upon market entry. But with Prime already serving 85 million…