By Paul Skeldon

With Amazon Prime Day kicking off this evening at 6pm, one analyst suggests that there is much that bricks and mortar stores could learn from the online extravaganza as they seek to meld the real world with the internet.

According to Fujitsu’s MD, Retail and Hospitality, Rupal Karia 75% say Amazon or eBay would become their go-to store if they had a physical presence – and that shoppers want a digital high street experience with 61% say they choose one retailer over another based on in-store technology.

But traditional shops are failing to bring together the ideas that online and mobile commerce yield, the changes in shopping behaviour exemplified by the likes of Prime Day and the threat that the likes of Amazon [IRDX RAMZ] and eBay [IRDX REBY] foist on the traditional retail environment.

“Consumers want to be able to shop with flexibility – sometimes online, sometimes in-store – and expect the experience to be seamless regardless of the channel they choose, and it seems that Amazon resonates as the retailer of choice across the board,” says Karia. “Our research found that no matter what age, consumers feel that they would prefer to shop with Amazon. 72% of 18 to 24s, 78% of 25 to 30 year olds, and even 73% of over 60s all believe that if Amazon had a physical store, it would quickly become their preferred store to shop in. Retailers need to take note and ensure that they too are providing their customers with the relevant channels for their shopping needs and…