By Paul Skeldon

I do so like the run up to Prime Day: the hyperbole about Amazon and how well it is going to do; the anti-hyperbole about how Amazon won’t do as well as it likes to think and how it doesn’t rule the world – all good fun and games.

But contradictions aside, Prime Day does tell us a lot about the state of ecommerce and how shoppers shop online – it also gives stark warning to those that have bricks and mortar stores that things have changed.

I won’t bore you with the details here – I’ll do it here instead – but in essence, Prime Day shows us that shopping is a shifting activity and that technology is key to keeping pace with shoppers. But is Prime Day that big a deal?

According to a survey results from Maru/edr on Tuesday 10th and 11th July 2017, While more than 80% of UK respondents were aware of Amazon Prime Day 2017 yesterday, 50% also said that they were not considering getting an Amazon Prime membership to take advantage of it.

77% of UK respondents claimed to have never purchased on Amazon Prime Day previously, and despite Amazon’s marketing efforts over the last 24 hours of the campaign before Prime Day started, and 43% of all UK respondents still said that they were not considering making a purchase on Amazon Prime Day this year.

While Amazon Prime Day doesn’t look to be as big of a deal as expected, the retailer has certainly seen an increase in shoppers considering deals. Last year, 20% of UK respondents purchased on Amazon Prime Day, while yesterday, nearly twice as many (39%) said that…