Do curvy girls want to wear tight, body-conscious clothes?

If you ask actress-turned-fashion designer Rebel Wilson, the answer is a resounding yes. But it’s been an “evolving process” to get department stores to agree with her, she says.

The Australian comedy actress, best known for playing Fat Amy on Pitch Perfect, launched her clothing line, Rebel Wilson X Angels. The clothes, which were made available at starting July 14 and are available at select Nordstrom stores now, run in sizes 14 through 24 and cost between $49 for a shirt and $129 for a jacket.

Speaking from the Nordstrom Seattle store launch over the weekend, Wilson said, “We have some stuff that’s not bodycon, but then I’m trying to infuse a lot more bodycon stuff in there, because I think women should be confident, whatever their size. They shouldn’t want to hide parts of them.”

Wilson recalls pitching her clothing line to department stores that were of the mindset that plus-size clothes should continue to be more tent-like.