By Paul Skeldon

Retailers in the UK are determined to keep investing in in-store technology, such as mobile assisted selling and self-service kiosks, to improve the customer experience – but most agree they’re not doing enough to replicate the experience of online shopping.

So finds new industry research from Qmatic UK Ltd. Conducted by Vanson Bourne, the research surveyed 100 retailers with between 501 and 3,000 employees based in the UK. The study found that on average, retailers spend £1m a year on improving the customer experience within physical stores, but half admit that they are investing considerably more in their eCommerce offering, with only a quarter (25%) injecting comparatively more budget into bricks and mortar. 78% of retailers have invested in in-store technology to improve the customer experience and 3 in 5 (60%) retailers claim that they would like their physical stores to become “more important in the future”.

The study found that 69% of retailers think their online customer experience is more innovative than that of in-store, and 53% admit that there is a disconnect between the online and the in-store customer…