Saga is relaunching its brand, unveiling a new look and feel for the brand as well as its first ever strapline ‘Keep doing’ as it looks to evolve the business to ensure it remains relevant for today’s over 50s, rather than being seen as a brand for “old people”.

The changes, which come into effect from today (24 July), include a new logo, font, colours and imagery. It starts with a new look for Saga Holidays, including new types of holiday aimed at people who want the reassurance of going on holiday with Saga but are keen to do their own thing as well.

There will be no “big ta-da” but most of its experiences and services will have changed over by the end of the year. Saga Magazine will follow Holidays, before the new brand is rolled out across the rest of the business, including its insurance. That will all be brought together for the first time under the new strapline and membership scheme called ‘Possibilities’.

“We won’t be turning a switch on, it is an evolving programme of getting better in line with the new positioning,” group CMO Matt Atkinson tells Marketing Week.

“There will be some press, PR and content and we will use group assets to explain the changes. But we are not advertising our way into the change, we are behaving our way into it.

We are not a brand for old people, we’re a brand for people who are getting on with life after 50.

Matt Atkinson, Saga

“Gone are the days of a ‘ta-da’ 60-second ad about a new brand. That’s a bit banging your chest and that isn’t for us. This is about evolving the business and adapting and making sure this is a brand that customers want in their lives and is relevant to their lives.”

The relaunch is the culmination of almost two years’ worth of work that started when Atkinson, the former Tesco marketing boss, joined. While Saga’s business is in good health, with pre-tax profits up 9.7% year on year to £193.3m, Atkinson says he knew it could do more to appeal to an age group that are healthier and more adventurous than ever before.

“People in their 50s and 60s see themselves as much younger and they are physically much younger and more able and they want to be active and contributing to society,” he explains. “Saga has been serving that generation for 65 years but we need to adapt to a world of retirement and the wide-ranging commitments of the older generation.”

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One of the big changes is the introduction of Saga’s first strapline, ‘Keep Doing’. Atkinson has some experience of the important role a tagline can play having seen how pivotal ‘Every little helps’ was (and still is) at Tesco. Saga’s will now appear alongside its logo as an “explicit” expression of the brand’s purpose.

The strapline also has a role internally, with Atkinson describing it as a “manifesto” for the brand to ensure it build products and services that enable its customers to “keep doing life”. In insurance, for example, that means making the service easy, simple and effortless while in its new holiday products it means moving away from the traditional package holiday to also…