Sears Holdings announced the launch of Kenmore products on, as well as the integration of the full line of Kenmore Smart appliances with Amazon Alexa. This marks the broadest distribution of Kenmore, outside of Sears branded stores and related online retail platforms.

“If you think of Amazon as your competitor, you’ve lost the battle, but if you look at Amazon as a partner and a digital marketing expert, they have capabilities you don’t have, it’s a whole different story,” said Sam Cinquegrani, CEO of digital marketing technology and services company, ObjectWave Corp. “When it comes to ecommerce, Sears was very aggressive, and actually back then, one of the first to post its products online.”

Cinquegrani said now Sears is thinking of Amazon as a distribution channel rather than a competitor. And this represents the future of retail. For Sears, why not take advantage of digital prowess of the biggest ecommerce provider in the number one online marketplace?

“In the same way that Sears isn’t going to start its own delivery service because it can’t do it as effectively as a UPS or FedEx, similarly with Amazon’s marketing and distribution capabilities,” said Cinquegrani.

Kenmore Smart connected room air conditioners integrated with Alexa are now available on The distribution on is planned to be expanded to the full line of Kenmore home appliances in all U.S. market segments, with Kenmore, Sears Home Services, and Innovel Solutions providing white-glove service for delivery, installation and extended product protection for a full range of home appliances.

“We continuously look for opportunities to enhance the reach of our iconic brands to more customers and create additional value from…