Snap Ramps Up Advertising with New Snapchat Self-Serve Ad Manager

The new Snapchat (NYSE:SNAP) self-serve ad manager will simplify the purchase of video Snap Ads so businesses of any size can participate more easily.

Before the introduction of Ad Manager, ads could only be purchased on Snapchat through its sales team or third-party ad tools built on the Ads API for a fee. This priced out small businesses, leaving only large enterprise to take advantage of the platform

The company has been adding options to attract more ad revenue, including two tools: one for retargeting users, the other to target app-install users through machine learning. Both new features were introduced in April of this year. This however didn’t deliver the scalability Snapchat needed as it struggles to keep investors happy after its IPO and less positive than expected first public earnings release. And stock prices did rise…