Study: To Engage Shoppers, Invite Them Into Co-Creation Processes

With a changing landscape comes a changing shopper. It’s no longer enough for retailers to keep up with the new technologies and innovations disrupting today’s industry; they must keep up with consumer demands and needs on top of it — now more than ever. A new study conducted by Daymon revealed the emergence of three new kinds of shoppers that retailers must keep on their radar for success:

  • Vocal Aficionados (VAs): These consumers have a zest for shopping and for life. They are digital masters and technology experts that want to share their opinions with the world.
  • Balanced Enthusiasts (BAs): This category of shoppers is more cautious in their spending. Their desire to share and interact in shopping processes is tempered, and they’re not as willing to spend time on new technology as vocal aficionados.
  • Struggling Apathetics (SAs): These consumers are disengaged due to financial and life circumstances. Price is their primary motivator.

The research also revealed five key shopper trends transforming the global retail relationship:

  1. Co-Creation is the future of retail innovation;
  2. Fresh is the gateway to shopper loyalty;
  3. A new dimension of private brand is emerging;
  4. Conversational engagement must extend outside the store; and
  5. Seamless integration with mobile is a must.

Consumers are abandoning traditional labels and choosing to identify themselves by real and authentic narratives, and demography alone is no longer the key divider, according to the report, titled: From Shopper To Advocate: The Power Of Participation. It’s now the desire for participation in the shopping experience that should be used to segment shoppers.

“With legacy categories declining, digital strategies emerging and shoppers’ demand for engagement and customization increasing, retailers and brands must better understand the emerging needs and behaviors of shoppers on a global scale and dramatically rethink their go-to-market strategies,” said Dave Harvey, Vice President of Thought Leadership at Daymon in a statement. “As shopping becomes more on-demand and increasingly personalized each day,…