There are a number of rules brands must adhere to in order to survive a crisis and cause the least amount of brand damage.

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On the day after the general election utter confusion reigned. Thinking the dice were loaded in her favour, Theresa May gambled big and lost big. Jeremy Corbyn also lost but such was the scale of the self-inflicted damage incurred by May that he was able to present his failure as a victory. We live in strange times.

Lots has been written about the whys and hows of this election outcome. How long the prime minister will be able to cling to power, the wisdom of the Conservatives getting into bed with the DUP, the hardness or otherwise of Brexit, how soon we will all have to traipse off to the polling booths again – honestly even a political junkie like me is getting weary of it all.

The whole sorry mess has had me reflecting on how you protect your brand during a crisis. Apart from the blessed Theresa and the election that should never have been, we have seen a few brands messing up big time over the last few months.

I have lived through loads of crises; observed them, reported on them, managed them, and on at least one occasion created one. In my view there are a few rules to surviving a crisis with the least damage to your brand.

Avoid the crisis in the first place: Theresa May didn’t have to call an election but a combination of hubris and poor judgement made her think it was a bloody brilliant idea. It wasn’t.

OK, not many of us have the power to call an early election, but lots of us have to sign off campaigns. Take advice, sense check it, ask yourself…