By Chloe Rigby

Retailers should consider the context around connected customers’ shopping, a new report suggests. That’s because, argues the report from Black Pepper Software, how shoppers buy depends on what they are buying.

Original research carried out for the Fit for the Future; Is your business agile enough to keep up the connected consumer? report revealed that more than half (54%) of UK consumers’ buying patterns change with the item they are purchasing.

Mapping how the same shopper behaves in different ways when making purchases across seven key sectors – automotive, consumer electronics, DIY, fashion, finance grocery and leisure purchases, such as short breaks and holidays – the report found three key trends.

Complexity impacts channel choice
When it comes to the complexity of a purchase, the more complex the item, the greater number of channels consumers will use, as they research and validate their decision across multiple touchpoints. Consumers preferred to buy every day, ‘straight forward’ items in one channel; over half (51%) always buy groceries in-store, while fashion purchases are split between the store (29%) and online…