starbucks barista
Understaffing is becoming a huge problem for Starbucks, according to baristas at the coffee giant.

Stefan Wermuth/Reuters

Starbucks has an understaffing problem, according to nearly nine out of 10 workers surveyed in a recent study., an online platform that allows workers to organize around certain issues, surveyed 184 Starbucks employees and 89% said that staffing was a problem at their locations over the past three months.

The findings back the testimony of more than a dozen employees who spoke with Business Insider in May about understaffing issues at the coffee chain.

“There is no customer connection when we’re as busy and understaffed as we are,” a Starbucks worker told Business Insider at the time. “Put another person on the floor, and we can talk. I’ve had people call the store to complain that we seemed rushed and upset. The stress is overwhelming.”

In June 2016, Jaime Prater, a Starbucks employee, created a petition