Business Insider/Hayley Peterson

Chipotle has a menu hack that lets you order a ton of food for under $5.

It’s been hiding in plain sight for years: It’s called the kids menu.

The menu isn’t readily advertised on Chipotle’s menu boards, so it’s easy to overlook.

You can get tacos or a quesadilla, a drink, and chips — all for $3.75 to $4.75. That’s much cheaper than the average order at Chipotle, which is around $12.

We visited a Chipotle in Richmond, Virginia, to see just how much food comes with the kids meal.

We ordered a kids’ “build-your-own” taco plate.

With that option, customers get one protein, two fillings (like rice, fajita veggies, and cheese), two hard taco shells or tortillas, a…