woman working mum

There are nearly three million lone-parent families in the UK yet many employers fail to have the right processes and flexibility in place to enable single patents to thrive at work.

Here, former marketer Clare Jones, who founded marketing agency Clare Jones London, and Chrissie Lewandowski, founder of holiday business Single with Kids – who are single parents themselves – explain what businesses should do to enable better working environments for one-parent families.

Fighting your corner at work

Clare Jones, founder, Clare Jones London

“I rose through the ranks in professional services to marketing director level but for personal reasons took a career break because I wanted the opportunity to do something more creative.

“We are in a changing industry. I became a chartered marketer in 2000 and went back to work when my baby was six-months-old. I was told there was no flexibility, I had to come back full time. The system has come on leaps and bounds now.

“It was really difficult managing the pressure of being a single parent – the school holidays were particularly challenging. As a marketer, things happen at work that aren’t planned and, not having live-in childcare, I would have to leave the office to deal with it. It doesn’t look good leaving on the dot of six but I had no choice. I don’t know how much of that impinged…