Unusual Partnerships: Who Online Retailers Should Be Friends With

Some types of partnership are not obvious at first sight and not obligatory for success. But they can make your business more attractive, boost brand awareness and brand loyalty, help to develop in a new way, or simply cut costs. So here’s an overview of people you don’t have to be friends with, but who can bring something to the table.

Related Products’ Store Owners

You sell shoes, they sell unique shoe-care products. You sell wedding dresses, they sell accessories or groom suits. Probably, this is one of the most pleasant types of partnership, because both sides are interested in it.

What to suggest

  1. As usual, mentioning them on the website, social media, blogs. But you can do more than just banners or promotional Instagram posts. An easy thing to do is to display related products on your product pages with links to the partner’s store.
  2. Collaborative contest, when both stores provide gifts.
  3. If you collaborate with a new store, you can present customers with their products when they buy something from you. And vice versa, if you are new on the market, your products are given away to customers. An equal exchange is also possible, though: they sell cosmetics and present customers with your company’s beauty case, and you send cream samples along with beauty cases.
  4. Limited-edition products. For example, you make a new sweatsuit, and your partner creates sneakers for it.

Business Owners From Other Branches

In this case, you can work on the most interesting projects. In what way are zombies and beer alike? It seems far-fetched, but Terrapin beer and Grateful Dead managed to find a common ground.

Bottom line: unusual advertising, special product vibe, an interesting and memorable project.

What to suggest

Original project. It works out great when two enthusiasts meet, who like to experiment and make awesome, outstanding things just for fun, and not only for profit.

Charity Partners

An act of kindness feels good, and it cleanses your karma. But there’s another benefit: a partnership with a non-profit organization has a positive impact on your company’s image.

What to suggest

  1. Products. Toys, clothes, food, electronics — anything you want…