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Every day, we hear about the future of brick-and-mortar and the changes retailers and REITs are making to stay relevant in a constantly evolving industry. Retail real estate leader Simon Property Group recognizes the need to incorporate digital components into its shopping locations, and is constantly evaluating digital solutions that can provide mall visitors with a best-in-class experience. The decision to implement a mapping solution across its properties and web sites represents a larger shift in the retail industry to make the offline shopping experience as quick, easy, and seamless as the online one.

Using Insight To Determine Investment

Simon’s need for a new technology solution emerged from extensive research and insights garnered directly from its shoppers. It quickly became apparent that though the majority of consumers still prefer to shop in-store, the wants and needs of the physical shopping experience have shifted. Providing shoppers with self-serving tools that enable efficient and successful shopping trips are paramount.

Simon looked to invest in solutions that would meet customer demands for an improved shopping experience, and that would deliver an unparalleled journey enhancing their favored brick-and-mortar shopping destinations. After a rigorous process that evaluated both platform offering and internal infrastructure, Simon chose Mappedin to be its fully integrated solution, inclusive of 3D maps, search functionality, turn-by-turn navigation and platform management for its in-store, web and mobile offerings.

A New Standard For Success

Investing in anything new is a significant undertaking for a large company, but being a first mover in a relatively new technology space added pressure to the decision. Simon’s investment in digital wayfinding is specific to its customers’ needs, and retailers are starting to take a similar approach by investing in technologies that meet the same demands for efficiency and accuracy. Retailers like Ralph Lauren are adopting connected fitting rooms to improve the in-store experience,…