According to a new survey, consumers’ privacy concerns are growing and they want more control over their personal data.

A survey of 6,500 mobile consumers across 10 countries in MEF’s “2017 Consumer Trust Study” found 53 percent feeling they’re not in control of the way their data is used. Of these, 39 percent agree to the terms and conditions presented to them, but “only reluctantly.” This is especially true in the U.S. (48 percent). The rest of the 53 percent is made up of the 14 percent who say that they know information is being collected but are never asked for permission. A further 14 percent indicated they didn’t even know apps and services use their personal data.

Much of the study highlighted the importance of consent and control around personal data:

  • The two main concerns are their personal information getting stolen, 49 percent; and information being shared without their permission,…