Prime Day 2016 was the largest single sales day in Amazon history, generating a 60% global sales increase over the previous year’s total and a 50% jump in the U.S. Amazon has proven that it can dominate the news cycle in retail, most recently with its $13.7 billion acquisition of Whole Foods. Now the Retail TouchPoints editors debate whether the e-Commerce giant also can continue to dominate the sales cycle — particularly as recent research revealed that there are 35 million ex-Prime members ripe for the picking by Amazon competitors.

Debbie Hauss, Editor in Chief: While I do believe Prime Day will continue to be a strong event for Amazon and its sellers, I think other retailers are getting craftier about taking advantage of the hype and will reap the benefits of the runoff more effectively this year. Last year a number of retailers promoted big sales in competition with Prime Day and I expect to see even more of that activity this year. In one example, Walmart expanded free shipping for an entire week last year to coincide with Prime Day. I have to admit that I did make some purchases on Amazon during Prime Day last year, but nothing big, just staples that I would have bought anyway. I looked at the deals and was not overwhelmed.

Adam Blair, Executive Editor: Whether Prime Day III: Revenge of Alexa generates the kind of double-digit sales increases that Prime Day 2016 did seem kind of beside the point to me….