By Paul Skeldon

Mobile payment and loyalty company Zapper continues its move into mobilising and queue busting in the convenience store sector with a partnership with the National Federation of Retail Newsagents(NFRN), which represents more than 15,000 independent retailers across the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland.

Zapper has spent a year trialling its combined mobile payments and loyalty solution with KESHCO LIMITED, which owns a number of stores in the Peterborough area. Zapper’s queue busting solution is simple and affordable, says the company and fits with the growing desire for better loyalty schemes among consumers.

According to an independent study of 1,000 British adults commissioned by 360insights, 75% of British consumers admit that the right reward or incentive could shift their final purchase decision to buy from a competing brand at the point of sale. It also found that appealing incentive or rewards have driven 30% to buy a product of lower quality and 33% to buy a more expensive product.

And this is what Zapper is hoping to tap into in the convenience sector. Margaret McCloskey, Head of Operations at NFRN comments: “Our NFRN members are really excited about Zapper’s cost-effective platform to help them stand out in a competitive market. This combined solution will…